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Episode 18- How Finished Is It ?

Brandon and Lindsy have a conversation with Steve Harmon about the finished work of Christ and how it is misunderstood. Steve argued that there are two camps when it c...

Episode 17- Doppelgangers and Stranger Things

In this episode, hosts Brandon and Lindsy explore the mysterious world of doppelgangers. Doppelgangers, a German word meaning “double-walker”, have been around for cen...

Episode 16- Quantum Physics, West Memphis 3, Project Revelation

Mike Stibs joined Brandon and Lindsy on the Podcast to talk about his ministry, which combines media and other topics. Mike grew up in Los Angeles, and before his conv...

Episode 15- Mr. Crowley: How His Darkness Has Penetrated Our World

Brandon Spain, the host of Unrefined Podcast, and co-host Lindsay Waters welcome investigative journalist and author William Ramsey to the show. They have a mutual fri...

Episode 14- Primer on Symbolisms of the Occult in Media

Today we are talking with Amy from Eyes on the Right about her journey into researching the occult in contemporary culture. Amy grew up in Southern California and was ...

Episode 13- Restricted: Drugs and Access to the Spirit World

In this episode, we interview guest Justin Brown of The Dig Bible Podcast.   Growing up in Tennessee, Justin was a regular churchgoer and had a deep fascination with t...

Episode 12- Insurgence, The Kingdom and 48 Laws of Spiritual Power

 In this episode of Unrefined Podcast, host Brandon Spain and co-host Lindsy Waters welcome guest Frank Viola, a conference speaker, blogger, and bestselling author wh...

Episode 11- Spiritual Mapping/Prayer Strategies

Ever wonder about spiritual mapping?

Episode 10- People Get Ready! Spiritual Prepping

Are you prepared? Subscribe-

Episode 9- Ministry on the Fringes & Journey with SRA

Are you ready to take a DEEP dive?

Episode 8- A Primer on Giants, Genesis 6 and Why This Even Matters

In this episode, we explore with Doug Van Dorn about his research, understanding and expertise of the biblical exposition of the Divine Council worldview and giants. ...

Holiday Highlights- Gremlins?


Episode 6- Dream Warriors- Sleep Paralysis and other things that go bump in the night!

What are you afraid of that goes bump in the night?

Episode 5- Renegade (For the Lord) Part 2

Part 2 of Neil's journey in the supernatural and healing through the miraculous.

Episode 4- Renegade (For the Lord) Part 1

Can we have true discipleship without the supernatural?

Episode 3- They May Be Giants!

Have you heard about the giants? Why is it NOT documented well in our history or talked about?

Episode 2- Naturally Supernatural

What does it take to live the supernatural life with God? What have you seen supernaturally in your life?

Episode 1- Stairs in the Woods

Have you seen the stairs in the woods? This episode is a mix of who we are, where we come from, what we know about the weird, the strange, the unexplained AND the sto...

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