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Latest Episodes

Apostolic: The Real and The Imitation

Join Brandon and Lindsy as they chat with  Doug Levy, an author and pastor, to discuss apostolic ministry and the fivefold gifts within the church. They explore the ro...

MK "Extra"- Conversations of Adventure

Get READY!  Lindsy and I are joined by guest MK Davis to explore a series of unexplained events and the supernatural. We delve into the Dyatlov Pass incident, a myster...

Stepping Into A "Magical World"

In this podcast episode, biblical studies scholar Matthew McGuire discusses his book "A Magical World: How the Bible Makes Sense of the Supernatural," exploring the in...

Haunted Canyon: The End?

In this podcast episode, the hosts delve into the enigmatic history of Laurel Canyon, particularly its decline post-Wonderland murders. They explore ley lines, Native ...

The Gospel Obsession: Making Your Pursuit of God Your Everything

In this podcast episode, Jonathan Brenneman,  a missionary in Brazil, shares his spiritual journey from facing childhood spiritual oppression to a transformative heali...

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