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Latest Episodes

Spiritual Warfare: Divine Council Worldview For Newbies P2

In this podcast episode, Brandon, Lindsy and Vicki Joy delve into the divine counsel worldview and its influence on Christian life, particularly in spiritual warfare. ...

Divine Council Worldview For Newbies

In this podcast episode, Brandon and BT engage with guest Doug Van Dorn to delve into the Divine Council Worldview. Doug, a pastor and theologian, shares his expertise...

Riff #7

In this podcast episode, Brandon explores the parable of the sower, emphasizing the importance of preparing our hearts like soil for spiritual growth. He draws paralle...

Cheating Death: Journey from Darkness to Divine Encounter

In this episode, Janice Callahan recounts her transformative near-death experience and its profound impact on her life. Despite a rough childhood and a dangerous lifes...

Battling Chaos: Exploring Leviathan

What is Leviathan?  This episode is a deep dive into the concept of Leviathan, exploring its historical and cultural significance, and its portrayal in various scriptu...

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