Discerning Truth in a World of Spiritual Confusion

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Hey there! In this awesome podcast episode, we dive into the wild world of spiritual warfare. We're all about discernment and staying rooted in the Word of God, because let's face it, there's a whole lot of false doctrines floating around out there. And don't even get us started on the dangers of sensationalism in podcasting!
We also get into the nitty-gritty of how Christianity and Judaism have been infiltrated by false teachings. It's time to get back to the real deal, people! We chat about heaven and hell, the Church, and what it means to be a believer in all this craziness.
Oh, and before we wrap things up, Vicki Joy spills the beans on her super exciting writing projects. Trust me, you don't want to miss it!
So grab your headphones and get ready for a mind-blowing, truth-seeking adventure with Unrefined. Let's do this!

Her mom's book! Harps Unhung-->https://a.co/d/7hS515c


The armor of God (00:02:24) The speakers read and discuss Ephesians 6, specifically the section about the armor of God and its significance in spiritual warfare.
Two extremes of spiritual warfare (00:04:04) The speakers discuss the two extremes people often have when it comes to spiritual warfare, including the extreme of intense demonic attacks and the extreme of attributing every inconvenience to spiritual warfare.
The battle in between (00:08:36) The speakers talk about the actual battlefield that most people are on, where spiritual warfare is more covert and subtle. They discuss the challenges of confusion, overwhelming information, and false doctrines infiltrating the church.
The importance of discernment (00:11:00) They discuss the message of 1 John and the need to test every spirit to discern false prophets in the church.
The enemy's tactics (00:12:06) They talk about how the enemy seeks to devour believers through overwhelming, confusion, and apathy, rather than focusing on trivial matters like flat tires.
Balancing focus on prophecy and intimacy with God (00:16:07) They discuss the importance of focusing on intimacy with God and being wise virgins, rather than becoming overly enamored with end-time prophecy. They highlight the need to stay focused on the gospel and making disciples.
The importance of discernment and staying grounded in the Word of God (00:23:08) The speaker discusses the importance of discernment and staying grounded in the Word of God in the context of spiritual warfare.
The impact of our actions and influence beyond our knowledge (00:23:57)  Vicki shares a personal story about their mother's unfinished book and how it impacted people even after her death, highlighting the unseen impact of our actions.
The responsibility and potential consequences of teaching and influencing others (00:29:55) The speakers discuss the seriousness of teaching and influencing others, sharing personal experiences and emphasizing the need for self-awareness and responsibility in their roles as podcasters and influencers.
The road to Emmaus (00:32:51) Jesus explains the true meaning of the law and the prophets to the disciples, revealing the lies inherited by both Christianity and Judaism.
The order of events (00:34:12) Jesus clears away the clutter of false teachings and instructs the disciples to teach others what he has revealed, emphasizing the importance of discipleship.
The simplicity in Christ (00:36:48) The gospel should be distilled down to loving God and loving others, and the church should focus on making disciples who obey God's commands.
Obedient Allegiance to Jesus (00:45:33) Discussion on the importance of having obedient allegiance to Jesus and the misconceptions of modern evangelicalism.
Gnosticism and the New Testament (00:47:38) Exploration of the reemergence of gnosticism and its relevance to understanding the New Testament in our current society.
The Importance of the Body (00:52:57) Highlighting the significance of the physical body and the misconception of gnosticism that devalues the body in Western Christianity.
The Armor of God (00:55:59) Discussion on the concept of spiritual warfare and the importance of staying grounded in the Word of God.
Different Views of Hell (00:57:18) Exploring different perspectives on the nature of hell, including the idea of isolation and solitary ness rather than fire and brimstone.
Heaven on Earth (01:01:48) Considering the possibility that heaven is not a separate realm but rather a new temple on earth, where the entire earth becomes a paradise.
The Armor of God (01:07:46) They discuss the importance of staying grounded in the Word of God and the armor of God as mentioned in Ephesians 6.
Vicki's Current Projects (01:08:13) Vicki shares that she is working on two books, one of which follows a different facet of Christianity than most people are talking about.
Discerning Truth in a World of Spiritual Confusion
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