Epishow "We're Watching You" - Flatliners with Vicki Joy

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In this podcast episode, the hosts and guest discuss the movie "Flatliners" (1990) and its themes of atonement, guilt, and redemption. They share personal experiences and memories related to the film, analyze its symbolism and soundtrack.  The conversation touches on nostalgia for renting. They delve into the religious and occult symbolism in the movie, explore the concept of beauty and holiness, discuss the potential consequences of achieving immortality, and analyze those thinking they have all the answers about eschatology. They also address the obsession with conspiracy theories and emphasize that life and death are ultimately in God's hands.


Introduction to the movie "Flatliners" 
00:03:11 Nostalgia of renting movies from Blockbuster 
00:10:48 The symbolism of Hermes 
00:11:55 The symbolism of Saturn and X's in architecture 
00:15:20 Contrasting religious and atheist characters
Epishow "We're Watching You" - Flatliners with Vicki Joy
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