Episode 17- Doppelgangers and Stranger Things

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In this episode, hosts Brandon and Lindsy explore the mysterious world of doppelgangers. Doppelgangers, a German word meaning “double-walker”, have been around for centuries, popping up in many cultures and even in the Bible. While many people think of doppelgangers as an apparition or fantasy, some believe that they can be flesh and blood entities. Famous people, such as Abraham Lincoln and Catherine the Great of Russia, have been said to have doppelgangers. The hosts explain that they will be discussing various aspects of doppelgangers in the episode, such as the different types and what it means for people in different cultures. The conversation discusses the concept of spirit doubles, which is a German mythology term referring to malevolent apparitions. It is believed to be an omen of something bad to come. The conversation also fast-forwards to the modern day, where some people consider the idea of clones to be a possible explanation for spirit doubles. The topic of doppelgangers, which are human beings made without a God breathed spirit but inhabited by some sort of spirit, whether it be demonic or some other kind. This conversation brings up some interesting ideas about the phenomenon.

Phenomenon of Doppelgangers 
Exploring the Phenomenon of Spirit Doubles and Changelings
Discussion on Doppelgangers and the Uncanny Valley
Investigating the Phenomenon of Doppelgangers: A Discussion
Discussion on Born Again Christians and Astral Projection: Exploring the Gray Areas
Pauline: A Tragic Story of a Missing Child
The Foundling and the Dappleganger
Exploring Doppelgangers in Different Cultures and Religions
Discussion on Supernatural Phenomena and Cryptids
Discussion on Autoscopy, Heautoscopy and Astral Projection
Discussion on Supernatural Experiences and the Fear of the Unknown
Exploring the Supernatural: A Discussion on Angelic Encounters and Quantum Mechanics
The Science of the Spirit
Exploring Norse Doppelgangers and Shelley's Demagorgon
Doppelgangers and Sleep Paralysis
Exploring the Mysterious Phenomenon of Doppelgangers
Episode 17- Doppelgangers and Stranger Things
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