Episode 16- Quantum Physics, West Memphis 3, Project Revelation

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Mike Stibs joined Brandon and Lindsy on the Podcast to talk about his ministry, which combines media and other topics. Mike grew up in Los Angeles, and before his conversion to Christianity, played in a band which focused on aliens and other strange topics. After his conversion, Mike dedicated himself to serving God, and has been exploring different areas.

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Interview with Mike Stibs: Exploring the Fringe in Media & Ministry
Alien Encounter?
Exploring the Dimensions of Physics and Consciousness
Exploring the Supernatural: A Conversation on Ouija Boards and Dimensions
Exploring Quantum Mechanics and Prayer 
Exploring the Intersection of Spiritual and Scientific Laws
Investigating the West Memphis Three
Video Production Process
Conversation on the Value of Preaching God's Word in the Fringe Community
Exploring the Wheat and Tares Scenario in the Fringe Movement
Conversation on the Need for Vigilance and Spiritual Preparation
Discussion on Prioritizing God and Jesus in Content Creation
Discussion on the New Great Awakening and Strong Opinions Loosely Held
Exploring the Evolution of Storytelling and the Message of Jesus
Exploring the Fringe: Evangelism and UFOs
Confronting the Demonic Realm with the Gospel of the Kingdom
Hollywood and Entertainment Industry
Documentary Filmmaker
Supernatural Experience in Walmart
Miraculous Healing: How God Reached Down from Heaven to Touch a Young Man's Life

Episode 16- Quantum Physics, West Memphis 3, Project Revelation
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