Mr. Crowley: How His Darkness Has Penetrated Our World

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Brandon Spain, the host of Unrefined Podcast, and co-host Lindsay Waters welcome investigative journalist and author William Ramsey to the show. They have a mutual friend from the Fringe Radio Network, Johnny McMahon, who sent his greetings. William is the host of one of the top 0.5% podcasts in the world and the conversation between the three of them is rooted in a Christian perspective. They start the conversation by discussing Aleister Crowley, a modern magician and artist who has attracted people in Hollywood. 
The conversations then moves on to discussing occult practices, the supernatural and how they can be seen through a Christian lens. They discuss the dangers of such practices and the importance of understanding the spiritual realm. They close the conversation with William sharing why he believes it's important to continue to explore and research the topics he covers. The speaker was a fringe researcher who had lost faith in corporate media in the 90s. After 9/11, he was researching independently online and noticed the number 11 popping up everywhere. He then found out that eleven was a very important number in the Western Esoteric tradition, which led him to Aleister Crowley. He then realized that Crowley was writing things from 77 to 93 and 175, so he decided to research him further and learn more about magic and the occult. The conversation is about Aleister Crowley and how he is viewed as a cultural and historical figure. Crowley wrote a 500-page autobiography called Confessions which he called a hagiography, but it was the opposite as he divulged a lot of information about himself and his activities. The speaker then talks about how Crowley's ideas overlap with the New World Order and what happened on 9/11, which is still happening today. Crowley was an elitist and an occultist, and his ideas are being copied by those in power.  William introduces the book, Prophet of Evil, which is on its third edition. It is a biography of Crowley and covers his life, his ideas and beliefs, and the impact he had on the world.



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Mr. Crowley: How His Darkness Has Penetrated Our World
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