Episode 14- Primer on Symbolisms of the Occult in Media

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Today we are talking with Amy from Eyes on the Right about her journey into researching the occult in contemporary culture. Amy grew up in Southern California and was always in ministry, working as a teacher for 22 years. On her second trip to Haiti she heard a lot of stories about the Clintons. This sparked her curiosity, and she began to research and investigate the occult in contemporary culture, including Hollywood. She has had a podcast (currently not published). She has a counseling ministry and an Instagram page, where she shares her findings. She encourages people to look into what they see in the media, so they can be aware of the predictive programming it presents. The conversation began with Amy talking about awakening to the reality of trafficking and how it was intertwined with Hollywood. Through surrendering to the Lord, Amy felt a push to uncover the dark undercurrents being pushed by the enemy that was behind the media and celebrities. She also suggests that if someone was looking to get started in understanding this kind of work, they should start with a biblical lens. The conversation between Amy and the hosts focuses on the spiritual agenda of Hollywood and its connection to mystery religions in Babylon, Egypt and other places.
 The conversation then turns to Operation Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists to the United States under the guise of teaching Americans, despite the fact that they should have been charged for their crimes. Ultimately, the conversation explores the spiritual agenda of Hollywood and its connection to the occult.  
Interview with Amy- Eyes on the Right: Exploring the Occult in Contemporary Culture
Unpacking the Undercurrent of Hollywood and Media
Uncovering the Occultic Agenda Behind Hollywood
"Exploring the Connections Between Nazi Scientists, NASA, and Hollywood"
Exploring the Occultic Influences of Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Celebrities
Conversation on Symbology and Hand Gestures in Popular Culture
The Use of Symbols and Rituals in Popular Culture
Exploring Predictive Programming and Disassociation Through Movies and Television
Conversation on Maintaining Balance While Investigating Occultic Thinking
Conversation on Bible Reading Plans 
Discussion on the Occult Symbolism of the "One Eye" Imagery
Discernment and Spiritual Maturity: A Conversation on the Red Shoe Club 
Discussion on the Significance of Red and Blue in Satanic Rituals
Exploring the Meaning of Red and Blue in Freemasonry and Mind Control Programming
Mind Control Programming and Its Impact on Society
Discernment and Symbols in the Counterculture Movement
Discussion on Symbols, Colors, and the Trans Agenda
Discernment and Supernatural Activity
Experiencing Spiritual Attacks: A Personal Story
Conversation with Christian Counselor
Christian Counseling and Psychological Theories
Episode 14- Primer on Symbolisms of the Occult in Media
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