Episode 13- Restricted: Drugs and Access to the Spirit World

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In this episode, we interview guest Justin Brown of The Dig Bible Podcast.   Growing up in Tennessee, Justin was a regular churchgoer and had a deep fascination with the Bible. This guest speaker is a former rebel who had been leading a cool crowd of drug users in his early years. He recounts several experiences in which his friends had overdosed, become quadriplegic, or died in car wrecks, and wonders why he himself was able to walk away without a scratch every time. He wonders if it was due to divine protection, and reflects on how God must have been looking out for him despite his rebellious lifestyle. 
Justin was able to get his life straightened out and met a godly woman who helped him become a better person. He discovered Trey Smith's videos on YouTube and Mike Heiser's books which reignited his love for the Word of God.  He also unveils his lucid dreams and encounters with the demonic.  Dive in to this “restricted” episode and discover more.


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Interview with Justin Brown: Exploring Drug Use, Pharmacy, and Seeing in the Spirit World
Reflection on Divine Protection in the Face of Rebellion and Tragedy
How a Small Group Meeting Led to a Podcast
Conversation on Planting Kingdom Communities and Podcasting Career
Exploring the Use of Medicine in Mental Health Treatment
Conversation on Drug Use and ADHD: A Personal Account
Conversation on Denying the Existence of God and Lucid Dreaming
Encountering Lilith in a Lucid Dream
Conversation on Supernatural Experiences and the Effects of Medication
Exploring the Multi-Dimensional Realm: A Conversation on the Effects of Drugs and the Paranormal
Conversation on Dimensions, Adam and Eve, and Occultic Rituals
Exploring the Supernatural Realm Through Drug Abuse and Occult Knowledge
Conversation About Paranormal Activity Experienced by Wife
Possibility of Seeing into Other Dimensions with Drug Use
Conversation on the Dangers of Drug Use and the Power of a Firm Foundation
Conversation on the Supernatural and Miraculous: Exploring the Difference
Conversation on Miraculous and Supernatural Experiences
Episode 13- Restricted: Drugs and Access to the Spirit World
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